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Digital Design, Development, Infrastructure, Full Enterprise Life Cycle, Robotics, Strategy, Transformation, Data, Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In today's world IT Technology is broad.  It remains our largest most active network with skill sets vast and the choice of candidates is even greater, so how do you distinguish between a good candidate and a potential super star?

We believe that the best candidates are those that really buy into the company vision and not just their pay check. 


Out team is skilled to engage with talent that sparks genuine interest, aptitude, market knowledge and drive to deliver cutting-edge technology campaigns forward to succession. 

Our onboarding process is thorough and includes a CV screening, followed by a telephone interview. Candidates that progress through an initial telephone interview are invited to attend a second prequalification placement specific call and any additional client assessments (where necessary).

You can be confident that candidates are fully skilled, qualified and briefed prior to introduction.

TWRG Holdings Ltd are technology staffing specialists with a strategy to be diversified & balanced across sectors, with a focus on high-growth markets. 
We specialise in providing global recruitment staffing solutions to our UK, European and US partners, promoting global business brands.
Our ecosystem underpins the Technology, Digital Design, SaaS Sales and Cyber Security sectors, our networks are vast, providing the best available talent to the market
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