At the beginning of April TWRG welcomed our first SMART Academy Trainees. They are now coming to the end of the 3 month long Academy having learnt lots of new skills that are required to be a successful Recruiter. Our SMART Academy has numerous courses covering sourcing candidates, growing networks, building and maintaining relationships with candidates and clients and much more.

Our four Academy Consultants that joined us in April are fast becoming experts in their fields.

Faith Gifford

Faith is working in our Creative Division, managing existing client accounts and working with professionals such as Art Directors, Copywriters and Account Managers all over Germany.

Leonie Clarke

Leonie Manages existing client accounts within the Design Division. She regularly works with UX/UI Designers, Graphic Designers and Visual Designers across Germany.

Ben Kavanagh

Ben specialises in Development,

working with candidates and clients in the Hamburg and Berlin areas.

Ben manages existing client accounts along with working with new clients

Chantelle Western

Chantelle focuses on growing our business within the Creative and Design Divisions, working with new clients, establishing how we can work with them and meet their recruitment needs. Chantelle covers the Stuttgart and Munich areas.

With Faith, Leonie, Chantelle and Ben coming to the end of their SMART Academy training we are excited to welcome 3 new Consultants to the Academy, joining us in July!

If you wish to be apart of the exciting TWRG SMART ACADEMY TEAM, show your interest by applying!!the-smart-academy/me8sg