To Blog or not to Blog – Is that the question???

Social media is no longer something reserved for rampaging teenagers trying to organise the next house party – it now plays a pivotal role in how businesses communicate.

Being in the people business the communication platform is becoming more and more important to us, particularly as potential candidates and even clients blur the lines between what is work related and what is personal.

The real question we think needs to be asked is “do we want to effectively target people’s social sites to speak to them about new work opportunities?” I think the answer to this question focuses around how targeted the actual approach is. If we are effectively casting the net too wide, all we are basically doing is ‘spamming” potential candidates – and nobody wants to be spammed!! However, if you receive information that is relevant and welcome, then this can be a very powerful medium.

The main benefit about using these sites for both business and personal activity is people can multi-task. If you take the mobile phone for instance, it started out as simply a way to make calls on the move – now you can plan your entire life via a new Smart Phone. Essentially, you can calculate your way home, via the local Pizza takeaway (which you had Pre-ordered via their new app) to watch X Factor, which you have already series linked, all via your trusty mobile.

On this basis, TWRG will be well and truly immersing themselves in every form of Social media to ensure we provide the best possible service to clients and candidates alike! We may not be able to deliver Pizza or record your favourite shows, but hopefully we can find you your ideal job!