Capturex: Change is not good or bad – it is a necessity

They say it is not necessarily the biggest or the strongest who survive the test of time, it is the one who is most able to adapt to an ever changing environment. To this end, the recruitment landscape has changed beyond all recognition over the past few years, obviously having a knock-on effect across the entire Industry.

TWRG has seen the effects of these changes first hand and therefore, has had to tailor its approach to securing both better client and candidate commitment. On this basis, we are proud to introduce Capturex, our workforce Management Solution.

We believe Capturex is the next evolution in IT Resourcing.

By taking a new and innovative approach to traditional recruitment, Capturex tackles many of the problems associated with bringing contract, interim and temporary staff in to a business.By creating a specific Virtual Bench, made up exclusively of Client Associates, Capturex is able to streamline costs, increase efficiencies and guarantee quality in what has always been a fairly unpredictable process.

Details on how the Solution is being developed and client reaction will appear in future editions of TWRG Blog (WHW).

However, if you simply can’t wait and want to learn exactly how Capturex could benefit your company please contact