Life beyond LinkedIn: How you can use twitter to search for a Job/ Recruit a candidate

Social media has become the biggest platform to publish all sorts of interesting content to a certain audience and get a quick response. Most recruitment Companies pay attention to social Sites such as LinkedIn to get professional attention through the digital value of LinkedIn to find job seekers, whilst the most evident site some may not realise, which tends to be a great way of searching jobs is twitter, its increasingly gaining attraction as a beneficial recruiting engine and extremely useful in job searching.

A Recruiter Searching For A Candidate:

Showcasing your personal brand.

personality! Your Twitter profile is a great way to advertise your personal brand, therefore making your profile engaging can attract followers and create an established prospect. Simply by creating a Twitter bio and adding a profile image that shows; the company's image, their goals, what they are after and most importantly their target market. An essential tool which can be used to get the word around on the site is....Hashtags! making sure that they are appropriate in coordination to the Job description (Including: the desired job location and job sector). Remember, that your Twitter profile isn’t always going to be purely professional; it’s a great way to showcase yours & the companies

Be someone worth following.

Posting content worth reading, showing consistency by sharing necessary content in relation to your market. Answering industry- related questions quickly and most importantly thoughtfully, Lastly showing signs of being active on the twitter page.

Importance of brand building.

Twitter is fast, convenient and public therefore when potential employers do their due diligence to research the company through social mediums one of them being twitter. What you have published allows them to see what you want them to see- which is the brand you have created.


A Candidate Searching For A Job:

Taking advantage of hashtags (#).

Social media enthusiasts understand the importance of hashtags, but if you’re new to the world of Twitter, or just beginning to consider it for your job search, the hashtag method can help you quickly find available opportunities by simply adding the following words into the twitter search toolbar, or by being specific and adding career and industry related hashtags.....

#Hiring or #NowHiring








#Graduate Jobs



Self-promoting yourself by using hashtags (as a candidate).....




You can get to know the interviewer before the interview.

The great thing is that if you know the interviewers name you can search them on twitter, searching the interviewer allows you to gain personal insight about the person who will be interviewing you.

Hopefully this article can help in developing your use of social media in the work industry? share your thoughts in the comments section below