Make Stuttgart your home!

Relocating to Stuttgart maybe a good choice if you are looking to escape to a place which can fulfil your social foundation. Stuttgart offers its famous automotive historical side and vibrant artistic side, which makes it home to the visionary. If that applies to you, there is no doubt that you wouldn’t fit into the innovative environment Stuttgart has to offer!

Generally, when you decide on where to live you consider the essentials- such as the proximity to your work place, the children’s school, the distance to the city and most importantly the ability to earn a good living in the new location. Hopefully this article comes handy for the slight insight you may be interested in gaining to determine your transition to Stuttgart.

Stuttgart lifestyle

Stuttgart, a small city in Germany which offers a lively and vibrant lifestyle full of potential. The city is packed with plenty pubs and restaurants, not to mention the season events which take place annually and get all Germans gathered! The theory that there isn’t much to do in a small city like Stuttgart must be proven wrong! The best overview of a day spent in Stuttgart would be in Schlossplatz. It remains the go to place for anyone coming to Stuttgart for a visit, or generally looking to spend a relaxing day experiencing the historical landmarks of Stuttgart. Schlossplatz would ideally be the place to visit on a day out in Stuttgart!


When moving to another country it’s always worthwhile to adapt to the environment & lifestyle introduced. In many cases language being the most effective, aside from speaking English or your native language it would be beneficial to learn the native language where you would be currently residing.

Evidently the official language in Germany is German. If you find yourself in Germany you would find that the most natives speak relatively good English and a majority are bilingual or trilingual. In German schools, foreign language education is mandatory which means that if you ever find yourself stuck for words, there should always be someone around to help!


It’s quite simple to get around in Stuttgart as there are 2 main means of public transport: Buses and trains (Stadtbahn, S-bahn) as well as the possible use of taxis, although they are more expensive compared to the public transport.

The S-Bahn is helpful to reach many more other towns other than the town centre. All the S-Bahn lines stop at the central station, where you could interchange between the 2 line one of them being Stadtbahn. The benefit of using the S-Bahn is that it operates consistently, especially during rush hour or when travelling to town.

Stadtbahn unlike the S-bahn has 13 regular and 2 additional lines. Most lines stop at Stuttgart central station or other important stations in the city centre like; Charlottenplatz or Stadtmitte.

Buses in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart has excellent public transport, although the Germans generally prefer walking or cycling to get around. Given this fact, it’s worthwhile investing in a good, strong pair of walking shoes before setting off on a journey. Germany is a country known for its cobbled streets and stairs. However you can reach any destination in Stuttgart using the Stadtbahn. Buses as they have several bus connections especially in the suburbs of the city and areas without train stations, therefore buses become a great alternative! Besides they are cheaper as the Prices for a single ticket starts at 2.30 Euro (2.60 US-Dollar) for rides inside the inner city. Day tickets are available for just 6.60 Euro (7.50 US-Dollar) including zones one and two.

Taxis in Stuttgart.

Taxis in Stuttgart are expensive compared to other cities. The basic fare is 3.10 Euro (3.50 US-Dollar) and every kilometre is charged 2.40 Euro (2.70 US-Dollar).

Living in Stuttgart (Houses , Locations & Typical info)

Most homes in Stuttgart - regardless of whether you are renting or buying, they don’t come with kitchens/Lights, as its believed Germans prefer to relocate with all their furniture even including their kitchen cabinets! It would be wise to research on the accommodation before your move to see what they have available. Normally it’s an empty place including only a toilet, shower and basins.

Within the majority of rental properties you are not permitted to make copies of keys. You will usually need to seek permission from the landlord before doing so. In the event you lose you key you will be required to replace all the locks.

Within seven days of moving into any apartment you must register details of your address with the local police

In case you are wondering on where the affordable housing areas are located in the beautiful city of Stuttgart I would recommend you take a look at Bad Cannstatt. The location brings a lively cultural vibe to Stuttgart with its affordable accommodation and best of all, it’s only a few minutes away from the Mercedes Benz Arena, home to the best football club in Germany!

Typically everything a new mover should know about living in Germany

>Residents are legally required to remove any snow or ice from the front of their properties (unless the building has an assigned caretaker).

>Recycling is taken extremely serious in Germany; expect to have 4 different types of rubbish bins in your home at all times.

>Searching for accommodation can be incredibly challenging and you should start looking in advance to get a good deal.

>Dogs are allowed in shops, restaurants, hotels and pretty much everywhere else.

>Germany has So Many Public Holidays. They vary depending on which state you live in

>Germany has one of the best public transport systems in the world.

If you ask for water, people will automatically serve you sparkling unless if you request otherwise.

>German punctuality means arriving at least 10 minutes before the appointment.

>Germans are very traditional & hierarchical.

>For a majority of Germans the weekend begins at 2 p.m. on Friday. You don’t believe that? Good luck with calling an office on Friday afternoon!

>You should get used to the idea that you’d have to go grocery shopping to more than one shop as German supermarkets don’t have everything in it.

>On Sundays everything is closed apart from the museums which are open.

>Germans are a mailing and calling country. If you need to contact a person, don’t email, just pick up that phone and call!

>Its a known fact that Germans love their cars, an average German washes his car up to 10 times a year!

>Germans separate their private and work life…. Don’t even dare to call your colleague after working hours!

Family- Friendly suburbs

Stuttgart- Mitte & Esslingen are both towns in Stuttgart which offer the same features and are classed as the city’s cultural hub.

Full with commercial shops and office buildings, with popular art galleries like the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. What makes the towns a suitable family- friendly environment is the several parks for those who wish to exercise or enjoy a quiet time relaxing. The many excellent restaurants that offer the best cuisine both international and German cuisine. For those lovers of music and party, the Mitte is the site to find some of the best clubs in the city and is also the place for some of the city’s most popular events, like the Henkersfest and the Weindorf food festival.

Young and Trendy Areas of Stuttgart

Stuttgart-West is densely populated area packed with theatre’s, shops, cafes and parks; if you want to find a place close to both working places and entertainment opportunities, then Stuttgart-West is the place. If you have a car the streets are always busy and it’s always difficult to find a place to park.

Stuttgart-West is close to downtown of the city and is always easy to find good restaurants to eat without having to go very far. It is a wonderful place for those who like to spend an afternoon outside visiting stores, meeting friends at cafés or drinking in the many wine taverns of the neighbourhood.

Holidays and Seasons

Germans embrace their annual season events as well as their general celebrations from dance festivals, beer & wine festivals to hurricane festivals and most popular their fusion festival which is regarded as one of the best festivals in the world. So many events take place within the different city’s located in Germany whilst in Stuttgart everything is beyond seasonal surfacing the artistic and Automobile side of Stuttgart; from the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Mercedes cup event to the annual Christmas & spring festivals.

So why not take the chance in relocating to Stuttgart and exploring the few enjoyable sites they have to offer!

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