Euros 2016 at TWRG

Major excitement blooming from the footie fans this Year as the 2016 euros kicked off in June. This of course led to TWRG taking part in the exciting journey of the euro matches!

Feeling the football spirits all the colleagues participated in an anticipating competition where each member of TWRG had the chance to pick 2 teams from a hat at random; this consisted of everyone keeping up to date on their allocated team by watching the matches played.

If your team lost that night you would have to partake in a head to head dart play-off match with the losing team from the previous day, which would result in the loser unluckily having the responsibility of making drinks for everyone in the office for the whole day and the winner from that week having the opportunity to be rewarded a free lunch at Pret.

The closer the euros came to an end, the more competitive & intense the competition in the office became, as more and more teams were being removed from the chart, whilst the rewards became even more thrilling- a free pub lunch at hand for the semi-finalists and of course the overall reward for the winner being a voucher and £50 in cash!

Unfortunately the 4 weeks of football engrossment within the TWRG office came to an end as Portugal won the euros! This led to the winner of our competition being Leonie Clarke. Overall this was a great group activity keeping the office in full football spirits this month!

Share your comments below on how you took part in celebrating the 2016 euros!