Why should you use a portfolio instead of a cover letter?

When you apply for a role within the creative sector a portfolio tends to be requested. This is purely for your own benefit as the potential employee looking to demonstrate your passion and skills to your employer, what could possibly prove your worth to the prospective employer? Aside from a well composed portfolio full of flair to showcase.

Lisa Gruner, who recruits within the Design & Advertising sector, says portfolios are helpful for candidates looking for digital, media and marketing roles, “Showing a Portfolio instead of a cover letter is a good choice to help you stand out from the rest. Having a professional portfolio is currently not something all creative job seekers are doing –which is even more of a reason to include one, ‘to stand out from the rest of the crowd looking for the exact same position’. Alternatively they might have presented a cover letter instead of a portfolio. In this case a portfolio decides whether your skills are fitted for the criteria by highlighting whether you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Personally when I am explaining to clients over the phone about the candidate I have in hand it’s easier to look at the portfolio and judge whether their capabilities could meet the company’s needs”.

As a recruitment company we use many different sites to find candidates and LinkedIn is one of them so having your portfolio appear on LinkedIn is great for the recruiters to pick up on the work the candidate has to offer and it’s great for employers who too are also searching on sites such as LinkedIn. Your profile on LinkedIn can be an asset for them to see the content you add to your professional portfolio.